Baking 101

The “Must-Have” Essentials

baking panWhether you’ve been cooking for a year or 25 makes no difference, you have discovered that you must have an arsenal of tools and equipment to be able to do the job right. Traveling down the store aisles, you will see tons of gizmos and gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier. Some of them you will need, we call these the “must-have” essentials. Some of these items are luxury items that you can use but don’t need such as commercial refrigerators. Other products are there to entice you for a sale, but you probably won’t use them at all. These are mostly the “as seen on TV” products.

Whether you’re a diehard baker or just a weekend warrior, you need to have a few good tools. The fact is you don’t need the fanciest tools around to bake. You can get a set of measuring cups and spoons at a dollar discount store. What you will need to put your money in is the banking equipment. The difference between a store from a dollar discounter and one you pay $20 for is everything. A good cookie sheet can make or break your cookies. Ever hear someone say that they have their grandmother’s cake pans and mixing bowls? It’s clear that they have bought quality that has stood the test of time.

One of the first things you need to bake is a good mixer. Not the hand mixer with limited power. You need a durable-hefty duty artisan mixer. These will whip icing or potatoes like non-other. They can knead bread or pizza dough and can also save our arms and hands from excess work. A good one will set you back a few hundred dollars, but it is worth its weight in gold. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you do a great deal of baking, you won’t want to settle for anything less than a 6 quart. capacity. However, the smaller 4-5 quarts are acceptable for those who don’t bake as much.

Here’s a list of things you need to be ready for any baking recipe.

baking bread• Measuring Cups
• Measuring Spoons
• 9 x 12 Cooking Pan
• 8″ Square Brownie/Cake Pan
• 8″ Round Cake Pan
• Pie Pan
• 2 Large Cookie Sheets
• Round Pizza Sheet
• Roasting Pan
• Mixer
• Rubber Spatulas
• Wire Wisk
• Flour Sifter
• Funnel

Sure, you can add anything to this list that you want. However, to make restaurant quality items, this is all you need to get your started. You don’t have to spend a fortune to whip up some yummy treats. But you do need to at least buy quality pans.